Repeater Ownership

For the avoidance of doubt it has been felt that a statement should be made about who owns what, and what happens in the event of a change of fortunes.

Analogue Repeater Network

Initially, the Isle of Man Repeater Group held the licences for the repeaters in their care. Subsequent changes to the licensing model led to the repeater keeper becoming legally responsible for the repeaters, and the licence took the form of a variation to his personal licence. Ownership of the equipment comprising the repeaters, however, remained with the group.

With the merging of the IOM repeater group and the IOMARS, that ownership transferred to the IOMARS and it has subsequently been formally handed over to the repeater keeper.

Therefore, all of the equipment and associated apparatus which comprises the Isle of Man's analogue repeater network, which includes (but is not limited to) radios, duplexers, computers, networking equipment and antennae are deemed to be the property of the incumbent repeater keeper. Any equipment connected to the network (other than ADSL routers or other connectivity to the internet) is deemed to be part of the owned equipment.

This does not include privately owned simplex nodes, only equipment which forms an operational part of either GB3IM or GB3GD.

In the event of the repeater keeper resigning, ownership transfers to the new keeper upon completion of the appropriate OfCom paperwork.

Isle of Man Digital Network

The two new digital repeaters (GB7BR and GB7CA) have been purchased out of private funds by GD4HOZ and GD6XHG respectively. These repeaters, along with their associated duplexers and combining equipment, remain the personal property of the aforementioned individuals.

In the event of a "parting of the ways", the IOMARS may be offered the opportunity to buy-out the ownership of the equipment. Should such an offer not be taken up, the decision as to the disposal or future use of the equipment rests with its owner.

This article is not meant to be a legal document; it is a position statement. It is hoped that a situation whereby the network would be broken up will not arise and that any handover of licensing can be amicably achieved. It is felt, however, that it is important to have these matters out in the open from the start.

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